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College of Air Warfare

Last Updated on: Sep 01, 2016 05:53 AM

Information Security Awareness Workshop


College of Air Warfare

On 26th May 2011

By C-DAC Hyderabad 

Information Security Awareness workshop conducted at college of Air Warfare for 30 trainees.

The session started with brief description of the project and continued with importance of such awareness workshop.

The session was delivered by C-DAC resource person S.OmAarathi.


The topics covered during the session were as follows:

  • Latest News on online risks
  • The best and worst thing of Internet
  • Internet most common risks and attacks
  • Importance of strong password
  • Secure communication
  • Examples of Phishing attacks
  • Importance of Copyrights
  • Secure PC


Videos were shown like  Identity theft , passwords, keyloggers.


Over all session was interactive and questions were raised on  secure websites, secure communications,antivirus, torrents etc.

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