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DOEACC Society, Gangtok

Last Updated on: Aug 30, 2016 04:24 PM

Information Security Awareness Workshop


DOEACC Society, Gangtok


2nd March


C-DAC Hyderabad

Seminar on Information Security Awareness for Govt. officers on 2nd March 2012 held at DOEACC Society, Gangtok centre organized by DOEACC Society,Gangtok centre association with C-DAC Hyderabad..

    A seminar on Information security awareness for Govt officers in Sikkim was organized by DOEACC Society, Gangtok in association with C-DAC Hyderabad centre on 2nd March 2012 at DOEACC Society,Gangtok centre. Around 45 Government officers attended the seminar and the seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Krishna Ray, Chief Investigator of DOEACC Gangtok centre. Mr. Rajesh Verma, Principal Director of Dept. of Information Technology,Govt. of Sikkim was the chief guest for the seminar. The participants were given a seminar kit including the ISEA materials to make themselves aware of Information Security.

    The Chief Investigator and Principal Director gave a brief introduction about the importance of this seminar. Principal Director expressed his views that Govt of Sikkim was trying to come up with such a seminar for a long time and finally thanked DOEACC Society,Gangtok centre and CDAC-Hyderabad for organizing the seminar in the state of Sikkim.

    Mr.Khagendra Sharma, Scientist-B from DOEACC Society, Gangtok centre made a power point presentation on the need and importance of Information Security awareness and  gave a brief overview of the topics that would be taken up during the seminar. Later Mr. Gnana Seelan,Project Engineer  from CDAC-Hyderabad presented the threats and safety measures that needs to be taken care of while dealing with the cyberspace. The Topics covered during the session are Introduction to Internet, Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet, Basic Security, Online Threats, Email Security, Phishing, PC Security .


The overall feedback received from the participants was good.


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