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ISA workshop at Central Potato Research Institute, SHIMLA

Last Updated on: Sep 20, 2016 11:54 AM

ISEA Workshop for Govt. Employees

at : Central Potato Research Institute, SHIMLA

on: 29th Jan 2010

by: C-DAC, Mohali

C-DAC Mohali has conducted the Information Security Education and Awareness workshop at CPRI, Shimla to around 100 Govt. Employees. CPRI is a Research Institute under Indian Council of Agricultural Research ,Govt of India.
The workshop started up with a Session wherein the topics like Internet threats like phishing scams, identity theft and many more were discussed and some security tips, parent control bar were explained. Later on, the session consisted of the topics regarding the spyware, malicious website, tips for securing your browser from hijack. The participants were actively involved during the sessions.

The topics on safe browsing, chatting were discussed broadly and the precautions to be taken while downloading content from Internet were briefly elaborated. The participants were enthusiastic on using Internet and shared their experiences with different threats over Internet. The feedback from the Govt. employees shows that it was a workshop to them and there were some good and new tips which can be practiced by them in their offices and homes. The participants expressed their happiness in attending such a workshop and mentioned they faced some problems which were mentioned during the workshop and now they understood how to overcome such problems like spam, virus, spyware etc.

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