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ISEA Workshop at C-DAC Mohali

Last Updated on: Aug 31, 2016 05:04 PM

ISEA Workshop for School Students and Teachers
@ : C-DAC, Mohali
on:  7 May 2010
by: C-DAC Mohali

C-DAC Mohali has conducted the Information Security Education and Awareness workshop at C-DAC, Mohali to 105 Students and Teachers.

Participants attended the workshop from Santisher Singh public School, Mohali: 50.

Participants attended the workshop from Paragon Sr. Sec School, Mohali: 25.

Participants attended the workshop from Ryan International School, Mohali: 30.

Internet security measures like updation of windows and working of internet firewall were told to them. Topics like Virus, Worm, Spyware, email scams and latest case studies were also discussed.Phishing, Identity theft and various threats to personal information online were discussed. The students were very keen to know about the Security measures while using Internet and shared their experiences with different kind of problem they normally faced over Internet.

Tips for email attachments and posting relevant personal information online were given to the students.

The feedback from the students was very fruitful.


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