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18th February 2018

Report suspicious e-mails to concerned authorities

If you receive e-mail requesting personal details like financial information, personal identification PIN numbers, credit or debit card numbers, from unknown source, don’t respond to it or don’t forward to others, instead report to the concerned authorities. And also save offending messages and report them to cyber police,“Cyber Crime Cells in India”.

12th February 2018 - 18th February 2018

Configure Operating System/Browser to always show file extensions

  • Web page addresses can be disguised or take you to an unexpected website. Many web browsers are configured to provide increased functionality at the cost of decreased security. Many users do not know how to configure their web browsers securely Many users are unwilling to enable or disable functionality as required to secure their web browser.

February 2018

Never open e-mails from unknown persons

Be protected of e-mails from strangers. Never open an e-mail with an attachment from a source that is unknown or suspicious. Virus containing e-mails can be very persuasive in the subject line. Do not let your curiosity cloud your good sense.


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