Short Film competition public voting-Tamil Nadu

  • Based on the entries received, following short films from the state of Tamil Nadu region have been selected by the selection committee  which is given for public voting.
  • Public voting constitutes to 40% of marks and Jury marks constitutes to 60% to decide the winners for the competition.
  • One member can cast upto three votes in single submission for a competition with valid email id.
  • To view participant work click on the image.
  • First check items you need to vote by clicking on check box, fill your details and submit for casting the vote.
  • Maximum votes user can vote in these competition is limited to 1.
  • Competition voting will start from 02-10-2020 and end by 02-10-2020.
Competition voting will start from 2020-10-02 and end by 2020-10-16

Akshaye Ram
Unique id : TN1-85-SF

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Rahul V S
Unique id : TN1-86-SF

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