Tip of the Day
09 April 2021


Always look for https:// for online transactions

Always look for https:// in the URL of websites for online transactions instead of http:// Because the data via http:// is sent in plain text so that the hackers can read it by capturing the data of the http:// websites So use https:// which is the encrypted
form of the http:// Encryption means making the simple text into unreadable text Using https:// URL websites for online transactions makes sure that the data is encrypted and thus is safe

Tip of the week
05 April 2021‐11 April 2021


Never do online business financial transactions through e-mail communication

Never attempt online business transactions through e-mails because some of the mails lead to phishing attack Phishing is a method whereby you are tempted into providing personal information which may then be sold to other lenders or used for the purpose of identity theft If you get an e-mail message that asks for personal or financial information, do not reply, and do not click on the link in the message

Tip of the month
April 2021


Be careful with credit card transaction for online shopping

  • Before you do online shopping check whether the site is secured You can check by the URL, which starts with https instead of http Before transaction, delete cookies and don’t save credit card details in the website while you do online shopping