Tip of the Day
23 February 2021


Always be careful about fraudulent / phishing e-mails

When you respond to phishing/fraudulent e-mails with personal data you are about to be robbed, some one may use this personal information for example, to purchase online or hack into your personal accountsThe best way to avoid phishing e-mails is set some basic ground rules, realize that despite what ever security measures you install on your computer you will receive phishing/fraudulent e-mails

Tip of the week
22 February 2021‐28 February 2021


Never accept e-mail which do not contain/ mention your name

Never accept or open if you see an e-mail with the name you never heard or that does’nt contain your name with an attached file, beacuse you will be at risk if you open such e-mails

Tip of the month
February 2021


Never open e-mails from unknown persons

Be protected of e-mails from strangers Never open an e-mail with an attachment from a source that is unknown or suspicious Virus containing e-mails can be very persuasive in the subject line Do not let your curiosity cloud your good sense