Tip of the Day
04 May 2021


Never save your password in your computer or in e-mail accounts

  • Never put your password on your computer monitor or under your keyboard
  • Never save passwords in applications such as e-mail, or web authoring, or dialup, or VPN, etc Anyone who sits at your computer maybe able to access those applications

Tip of the week
03 May 2021‐09 May 2021


Always change your password at regular intervals

  • Password is an important part of your computer security It is the key to several important data such as your bank account, or your computer, or your e-mail, etc
  • If your password is not strong, an attacker can use your account He may read your mail, send malicious mails in your name, siphon off your funds etc,

Tip of the month
May 2021


Always use the latest updated browsers for your Online transactions

  • Make sure your browser has updated patches before going for Online transactions
  • Donot close the browser directly after your Online transactions
  • Do not use your browser for Internet transactions if you are not sure whether it is secure or not Use the 'Automated Update' feature of your operating system