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The global scenario has undergone a sea change in terms of enhanced threat perceptions and ever increasing vulnerabilities. With the proliferation of internet, wide spread use of IECT solutions for various social and economic activities and with emergence of newer technologies, the Information Security challenges have increased multifold in the past few years in terms of technical complexities, magnitude and its spread. Information Security domain has been constantly evolving to meet the ever increasing threats and challenges. Cyber security Awareness is the best way to safely participate online as the dependency on Internet is increasing. One of the categories under ISEA project is Academic Users: School level - Children, Parents & Teachers, College level - Students & Faculty who are engaged in the use of Internet on Regular basis. As the number of users increase the threats are also increasing alarmingly. The Guidelines provides a complete understanding of the cyber world with latest tips to safeguard your self Online.

The Internet offers a world of opportunities. People of all ages share photos and videos, build online profiles, text, and create avatars. People are adopting new and innovative technologies and spending more of their time online. Socializing and communicating online can be fulfilling but also comes with risks. The threat perception is growing exponentially as the internet users are increasing in a competitive world. This is further highlighted by proliferation of Handheld devices, Tablet PCs, Smart Phones, etc. which are now also being used for carrying out several financial and other business transactions. The handheld devices being low powered with reduced processing and resource capabilities have opened up a completely new dimension in mitigating security, privacy and other threats. As large amount of Indian population are becoming mobile for their livelihood and are getting relocated to various places across the country, wide spread dependency of handheld and mobile devices are becoming common place. Further, the e-Governance initiative of the Government of India is enabling a large portion of the population throughout the country to harness the benefits of proliferation of IT. One of the categories under ISEA project is General Users: Small enterprises/Business users, SME Sector/Non IT Industry, NGO's, CSCs, Cyber cafes and general public at large, who would need to be made aware about the issues related to Cyber Security. The Guidelines provides a complete understanding of the cyber world with latest tips to safeguard yourself Online.

The nature of the cyber space viz., usually borderless and anonymity of action is exploited by perpetrating crimes by adversaries. The scale and sophistication of such incidents are continuously increasing. The malwares are getting stealthier, more targeted, multi-faceted and becoming extremely difficult to detect, analyze and mitigate. The challenges also include possibility of espionage, targeted and deliberate attacks and difficulties in traceability in the cyber world as the state and non state actors are compromising, stealing, changing and destroying valuable information; and thus potentially causing risk and un-estimated losses to the national security, economic growth, public safety and competitiveness. One of the categories under ISEA project is Government Users: Central/State Government employees (non IT professionals), Legal/Police professionals, etc. Securing, protecting, and defending our nation's digital information and critical infrastructure require building an agile and highly skilled workforce that can respond to the challenges of the day. This can be achieved if every Government users is aware of the treats and the Guidelines which will help them to continue serving public without any problem.