Report Abuse

If you are the victim of a cyber crime, the first thing you will have to do is to file a complaint with details of the crime. Your complaint is an essential resource for local, state, and central law enforcement officials. Law enforcers review consumer complaints to spot trends and build cases against hackers, identity thieves, and scam artists. Media and NGOs use this information while offering precautionary measures and propagating campaigns to educate Internet Cyber Crime Cells in India

The Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) started functioning from March 3, 2000. The Superintendent of Police heads the CCIC. Besides the offences punishable under Chapter XI, IT Act, 2000, the CCIC also has power to look into other crimes that involve use of technology. Click here for details of Cyber Crime Cells in India and other police sites.

When should you report to the Cyber Crime Cell?

  • Infected by virus, attacked by a hacker
  • Spyware
  • Phishing
  • Spam
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Shopping Fraud
  • Service Providers

Infected by virus, attacked by a hacker : If your computer gets hacked or infected by a virus, disconnect from the Internet and scan it with a fully updated anti-virus software. Then notify your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the hacker's ISP, if you can identify it. Finally, file a complaint with the.

Spyware : If you believe your computer has spyware, report it to the Cyber Crime Cell.

Phishing : Store e-mail spam that phish for information about your company, bank, or organization. Forward this information to the local Cyber Crime Cell.

Spam : Should you receive an email that you think may be fraudulent, forward it to the Cyber Crime Cell and to the Abuse Desk of the sender's ISP. Also, if the email appears to be impersonating a bank or other company or organization, forward the message to the organization or business enterprise that the mail reportedly represents.

Identity Theft : If your information has been misused, file a report about your identity theft.

Online Shopping Fraud : If you have problems during a transaction, try to work them out directly with the seller, buyer or the website operator. If that does fails, file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell in your state.

Service Providers : As per the ITA-2000 or other Laws, the India office of service providers such as Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail have to address cyber crimes committed in India. Click here for information on service providers.

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