Winners of National Level Competitions 2022

  • Congratulations for being the winners of "ISEA National Level Competition-2022"
  • Your work is now the copyright of ISEA, CDAC Hyderabad. Hence you are not suppose to publish/claim this work in other competitions/sources and the same work may be used as part the ISEA activities and promotions.
  • At any point of time, your work submitted in this competition is eligible for disqualification if it is found in any internet sources or other competitions.
Instructions to Winners

The winners are requested to pl. download the applicable self declaration format given below and send us the scanned copies of the duly filled in and signed documents through email to on or before 14.11.2022. The document is requested and required for disbursement of prize amount to the winners.

ISEA has organized National level competitions on Information/Cyber Safety and Security Awareness in Drawing and Slogan writing.  

We are delighted to announce the results.

Winners of slogan writing competition:

Entry No Name of the winner Mobile Position
8634 Anwesha Manchanda 98xxxxx874 1st Place
6108 Arhint Pandita 99xxxxx697 2nd Place
8639 Sanvi Jindal 96xxxxx432 3rd Place
1144 Amolli Varandani 95xxxxx349 4th  Place
5945 Daksh Sharma 94xxxxx168 5th  Place
2359 Shivya Jindal 88xxxxx810 Consolation
6464 Afreen Khan 93xxxxx778 Consolation
3432 Arpit Kumar 89xxxxx253 Consolation
6727 Ashutosh Kumar Jha 88xxxxx681 Consolation
8645 Sukanya Chetia 88xxxxx499 Consolation
5767 Ananya Rout 93xxxxx298 Consolation
6293 Anuradha Mishra 94xxxxx073 Consolation
6453 Giftson Joel 95xxxxx868 Consolation
3747 Gundharshini M 96xxxxx959 Consolation
5353 Harsh Preet Kaur 98xxxxx334 Consolation
1947 Jagdish yadav 95xxxxx295 Consolation


Winners of drawing competition:

Entry No Name of the winner Mobile Position
8926 Manpreet Kaur 94xxxxx066 1st Place
36E Varsha shetty 99xxxxx936 2nd Place
7552 Sapna shekhar 90xxxxx396 3rd Place
4390 Ananya Krishna 98xxxxx396 4th  Place
8249 Harvallav Kaur Brar 98xxxxx733 5th  Place
124E Nandini Malakar Consolation
1410 Abhinna Das 93xxxxx220 Consolation
3103 Shalini Singh 99xxxxx419 Consolation
3439 Parthiv S 99xxxxx665 Consolation
4379 Mahima A Jois 98xxxxx997 Consolation
4438 Gouri Aggarwal 79xxxxx258 Consolation
4608 Sneha Kundu 97xxxxx429 Consolation
7543 Pritha Chakraborty 76xxxxx980 Consolation
8990 Nandana Unnikrishnan 90xxxxx965 Consolation