ISEA National Level Competition-2020 - International Winners

  • Congratulations for being the winners of "ISEA National Level Competition-2020"
  • Your work is now the copyright of ISEA, CDAC Hyderabad. Hence you are not suppose to publish/claim this work in other competitions/sources and the same work may be used as part the ISEA activities and promotions.
  • At any point of time, your work submitted in this competition is eligible for disqualification if it is found in any internet sources or other competitions.
International Winners of ISEA National Level Competition-2020
Sl.No Category Unique ID Student Name School Name Winning Position
1 Painting KW-204-P Megho jijo Indian Educational School, Kuwait First 
2 Sketching KW1-3-SK Anoha India International School, Kuwait First
3 QR-3-SK Muhammad Mustafa Zain Birla Public School, Doha Second
4 Cartoon KW-111-C Ashutosh Bhat Indian Educational School, Kuwait First 
5 Drawing KW-112-D Trisha Rao Kundapur Indian International School, Kuwait First
6 Essay KW1-2-E Viveka Ramkumar Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait First
7 QR-7-E Eshan Azami Birla Public School, Doha Second
8 KW-3-E Aashtha Suresh Chander Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait Third