PUBG Addiction

The proliferation of the internet-based services has given rise to habits like browsing social media feeds without paying attention to what is happening around you and intermittently checking the app to latest updates and feeds. Giving your child a smart phone is like giving them a gram of cocaine. Spending time on various social media platforms is being considered to be just as addictive as drugs, so parents and school teachers need to be aware of online gaming addiction and should monitor their children’s online activities.

Many popular and online games tend to make young children and teens addictive. In recent times PUBG has gained popularity.

In PUBG, You are one among 100, who parachutes down to an island scattered with weapons and other equipment. Once you land, you scramble for weapons and then kill everyone else in an ever shrinking map to be the last man standing. The game can be played solo, with two players and with a four-member team. Essentially, PUGG Mobile is the big push mobile gaming. Games like PUBG reward you with in-game goodies the more you play. You essentially start off with a pair of boxers and the more you play, the more well-dressed you are in-game avatar looks. You can also customise other things in the game that’s used by all the players to prove your dominance.

Playing games may be best way of entertainment. But it may end up being addicted.

Effects of PUBG Addiction, Look for these symptoms in your child:

  • There will be an inherent change in behavioural pattern that manifests due to a strong association to PUBG gaming.
  • An Increased priority to gaming can be seen over other activities, and continuation of gaming despite negative consequences.
  • You eventually are drawn towards performing better and better than others.
  • Change in Sleep patterns.
  • Health issues like headache and eye pain
  • Loss of interest in studies and loss of memory power
  • Loss of interest in real world relationships

Few measures to get rid of PUBG Addiction for children:

  • Stop playing and Stay focused and be strong to face the psychological battle against temptations and the exercise of discipline. Get engaged in any physical activity or hobby of your interest.
  • Find better ways of entertainment; think about the valuable TIME that it doesn’t come again.
  • Value your health; be involved in gaming only to the level that it doesn’t harm your health.
  • Spend time with your family members and friends; it is better than anything else.
  • Find a distraction or goal worthy of your attention. Think about getting a good record for your studies.
  • Learn how to manage your time and prioritize your life events, so that you give time to high priority things before you can play.
  • Stop discussing, Avoid talking about it with your friends
  • Stay away from video suggestions of PUBG on YouTube and social media; otherwise it will drag you back on the same track

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