Filtering in web browser

The content filtering over the internet sometimes called parental controls, these are used to block  any access to offensive websites. It is not guaranteed but it can be very helpful.

What is content filtering?

  • People find some inappropriate content like images of sex, violence or strong language  on the internet.As Internet is a free zone anyone can post anything and there is no effective restriction on the internet itself. As a result, many people use content filtering software and set browser settings to block offensive websites.

How to enable content filtering?

  • In Internet Explorer, there is an option to restrict the web sites and access only those web sites set by a user.
  • In Internet Explorer  web browser select tools-->Internet option-->Select content--> Click enable .
  • In Google search engine there is option for a safe search filtering Click on preference or search preferences Safe search filtering Select desired option.
  • In Yahoo search engine there is option for a safe search filtering Click on Advanced Select desired option.


Remember none of these filtering features are100 % accurate- and some unsuitable content may still slip through.

It is important to teach your children to surf the web safely and take  time to explore the internet with them.

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