Online scam is an attempt to trap you for obtaining money. There are many types of online scams, this includes obtaining money with fake names, fake photos, fake e-mails, forged documents, fake job offers and many more.
Generally, it happens by sending fake e-Mails for your personal details like online banking details, credit card details. Sometimes e-Mails are sent from lottery companies with fake notice, when ever you participate in online auction and e-Mails received for fake gifts.


Phishing scam

Online scammers send you an e-mail and ask your account information or credit card details along with a link to provide your information. Generally, the links sent will be similar to your bank. So when ever you post your details in the link then the details will be received by scammers and money is misused.

Lottery scam

Sometimes you receive an email like “you won a lottery of million dollars” receiving such a kind of mails is a great thing, and really it’s a happiest thing. By responding to such a kind of mails huge amount of money will be lost. Because these e-Mails are not true, scammers try to fool and trap you to obtain money.

Online Auction

If you bid for a product you never get the product promised or don’t match the product, and the description given to you may be incomplete, wrong, or fake. The scammer accepts the bid from one person and goes for some other sites where they can get less than the winning bid so scammers may not send the product you wanted.

Forwarding Product or Shipping Scam

When ever you answer an online advertisement for a letter or e-mail manager like some US based corporation which lacks address or bank details and needs someone to take goods and sent to their address or ship overseas, and you are asked to accept the transfers into your bank.
Generally, it happens for  products that are purchased using stolen credit cards and shipped to your address and then you will be fooled and asked to reship the product to others they might have decieved, who reship the product overseas. The stolen money will be transferred to your account.

Email Scam Like --Congratulations you have won Webcam, Digital Camera, etc.

Sometimes you get an e-mail with a message like -- you have won something special like digital camera webcam , all you need to do is just visit our web site by clicking the link given below and provide your debit or credit card details to cover shipping and managing costs. However the item never arrives but after some days the charges will be shown on your bank account , and you will lose money.

By e-mails

Generally, fraudsters send you an e-mail with tempting offers of easy access to a large sum of money and ask you to send scanned copies of personal documents like your address proof, passport details and ask you to deposit an advance fee for a bank account. So once you deposit the funds, they take money and stop further communication, leaving you with nothing in return.

Unscrupulous Websites for Income Tax Refund

Generally, websites feel like official websites and seek the details of credit card, CVV PIN of ATM and other personal details of the taxpayers in the name of crediting income tax refund through electronic mode.

Tips to Prevent Online Scams

Confirm whether email is received from bank or not

Be cautious while providing bank details  online, before proceeding further confirm with the bank about the email you received. Think that if something is important or urgent why doesn’t  thebank call me instead of sending email?

Confirm the shipping

Beware of shipping scam.  Make sure you get authorized signed document via fax before proceeding further and make sure you received it from an authorized company.

Be cautious during  online auction

Don’t be trapped with discounts and  think wisely before you proceed with online auction. Think why $200 product would be $ 20.

Be aware about the product you received via email

Be aware about the products you get for a  discounted price.  Think why you received email for products when you  never enter  any online shopping or contest.

Don’t be trapped by lottery scam

Don’t get trapped by scammers and e-Mails with a subject line you won some $10000 just think why only you received the email without your participation.

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