Government of India

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)


Generic Online Training Course in Cyber Security

The objective of "Cyber Hygiene Practices" web based self-learning is to make the learner understand and follow best practices to reduce the cyber risks which can be a result of user's behavior in cyberspace, ignorance or simple negligence when using computers, mobiles or any digital device that can bring about many problems not only for the individual user but also their family, colleagues, their organization and sometimes to the Nation .

The Cyber Hygiene Practices web based self-learning course covers three modules

  1. Cyber Hygiene Practices of Personal digital devices
  2. Cyber Hygiene Practices for Home
  3. Cyber Hygiene Practices for Remote working and Learning.

This course helps the learner to know about the best practices to avoid being a victim of cyber frauds, it also warns about the worst practices that one needs to avoid.