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InfoSec Newsletter - January - February 2019 issue

InfoSec Concept

IoT - "The Internet of Things: Challenges and Issues of an Internet connected world"

The Internet of Things, also termed as IoT, is nothing but everyday devices connected to Internet. These devices hold the capability of doing tasks with or without human interaction. Devices like doorbells, home lighting system, toys, water heaters, air conditioners or any device in our day to day life can be a part of this connected system. These connected devices help in making our life easier. For example, lights at home activate automatically when your phone recognizes, that you are close to home. IoT devices can be used for multiple purposes but they are most commonly used in daily automation devices. These devices function by collecting data from sensors and then either store the data locally or send the data to the cloud via the internet or process the data and internally send commands to other devices for further action.
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InfoSec Tools

Tools covered in this edition are
IoT Controller
Onebee Smart IoT
AWS IoT Device Defender

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to inter connected devices connected through the internet that are able to collect and exchange data. With the passage of time, Internet of Things has grown, and is continuously growing. The growth in wearable technology, with IoT applied in the fitness, healthcare, lifestyle and infotainment sectors has led to the popularity of IoT. Growing need for real-time monitoring, tracking and automation coupled with favorable government initiatives like smart cities, smart transportation, smart grids etc., has paved way for the bloom of Internet of Things (IoT) in India. IoT market in India is projected to grow more than 28% by 2020 and is also expected to propel the use of IoT technology in the country over the next five years.

Message from
E Magesh, Director, C-DAC Hyderabad

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