January 2021

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InfoSec Newsletter : January 2021 issue

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InfoSec Concept


Today, Internet and social media is the new mantra for majority of people in India, with the largest and fastest growing user base on various social media platforms. Internet, has both good and bad impact on its users. The growing number of internet users every day together and with the access of the internet becoming easier and simpler day by day, with the malicious intentions of some of the people who use this advancement as a tool to target the victim, has led to the sharp increase in rate of cyber offences. In recent years, laws have been introduced to protect women and children from online sexual exploitation, and increasing numbers of online sexual offenders are being processed by the criminal justice system. The most common sexual offences committed online are related to the possession and distribution of child pornography, or soliciting youth for in-person sexual contact. The offender has the freedom to sit behind the computer screen and target anyone anonymously.

It was found that the group most vulnerable to sexual approaches and grooming tend to consist of high-risk teens with a prior history of sexual abuse. Individuals who use chatrooms, communicate with people met online, engage in sexual behavior online and who share personal information online also place themselves at risk. Teens taking most risks online also were more likely to face negative consequences such as abusive situations than those who did not engage in risky online behavior. These adolescents were more likely to be sensation seekers who have a low level of satisfaction with their lives and/or who have family difficulties. This newsletter discusses the various types of online sexual crimes/offences that happen in India, the modus operandi, and the mitigation methods.

Types of Online sexual crimes

There are several kinds of harassment and abuse that Women and children face on the internet which can take many forms and few of them are for creating the awareness among the stakeholders.

  • Online Sexual Grooming
  • Online Sexual Solicitation:
  • Online Sexual Harassment:
  • Online Sexual Exploitation: