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InfoSec Newsletter - July - August 2019 issue

InfoSec Concept

Security Awareness on Wearable Gadgets

Wearable gadgets are rapidly invading our home and office space in the same way how smartphones did. The wearables currently in use are smart watches, smart glasses, hearables, fitness and health trackers, smart jewelry and smart clothing. The popularity of these devices is growing rapidly all around the world. These devices offer convenient and fun platforms with displaying notifications, controlling media libraries, or accessing personal verbal assistants, track workouts, check emails, etc., A few to mention are Apple Watch, Pebble Watch, Microsoft Band, Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Nike+ Sportband, Motiv Ring tracks fitness activity, heart rate, and sleep patterns in a slim, minimalist ring and medical wearables, like iHealth’s wireless pulse oximeter and Withing’s blood pressure monitor etc.,

Modern Technology has revolutionized our lives by creating useful resources that simplify every activity of our daily life and put useful information at our fingertips. These amazing innovations in technology have infiltrated our lives and have become so prevalent that they have become a part of every moment of our life. It has further extended its presence in everyday life by being part of our human body through Wearable gadgets that simply enhance our life.

The current edition of newsletter on Security Awareness on Wearable gadgets educates the reader with the cyber security issues and concerns that can affect the businesses and individuals and a few case studies. Hope this newsletter helps in creating awareness and at the same time sensitize people regarding the cyber security aspects related to the wearable gadgets.

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E Magesh, Director, C-DAC Hyderabad

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