Tip of the Day
29 September 2022


Replace obsolete / old systems regularly

  • It is possible that running newer or longer software programs on an older computer could lead to slow performance So you need to replace or upgrade a particular component ( memory, OS, DVD drive etc, ).

Tip of the week
26 September 2022‐02 October 2022


Always enable pop-up blocker on browser for security

  • Enable a pop-up blocker in your Internet browser to improve the safety of your browsing.
  • Some of the attackers use these popup windows as special offers to install malicious code on your computers To avoid all these, configure your browser to block the popups.
  • Some of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla have inbuilt feature to block popups.

Tip of the month
September 2022


Do read the User license agreement of software, before you install it

  • Prevention is the key to protect your computer and data from malicious software.
  • Read the License Agreement before installing any Software/Application.
  • Install it from a trusted source