Tip of the Day
02 December 2021


Always remember to logout/signout from e-mail accounts

  • Remember to logout properly from your online accounts
  • Never close the browser directlyIt will store your session and if someone opens your information it would be leaked and might be misused

Tip of the week
29 November 2021‐05 December 2021


Never keep any of your sensitive documents on your tabletop

  • Protect your company If you keep your company documents on your tabletop,you may continue this habit and place your sensitive documents on public tables or in hotels, etc.
  • Your lack of awareness or lack of training about sensitive and confidential information puts you and your organization at risk.

Tip of the month
December 2021


Ensure to close all open applications and browsers before performing online transactions

  • Cross verify whether all applications are closed or not by verifying in the task manager
  • If any unauthenticated script is running, it may affect transactions So its always preferred to close everything and open only required bank website