Tip of the Day
30 October 2020


Use strong PINs and change your PIN (in your mobile devices) regularly

  • To access your computer at work, you need a password.
  • Don't treat your smart phone any differently In fact, most phones have a pin to access them.
  • By default, the company offers you a four-digit PIN for securing your mobile devices.

Tip of the week
26 October 2020‐01 November 2020


Develop your own security policy and follow it to avoid security attacks on your PC

  • Some organizations issue overall computer security manuals, regulations,handbooks, or similar documents for their computer policy.
  • It is recommended that you too have your own policy for your system.
  • After introducing the security policy, it is important to follow the policy.

Tip of the month
October 2020


Monitor your credit card account statement for suspicious / unauthorised activity

Maintain your credit card receipts to produce against transaction frauds. Cross check your receipts with your monthly statements