Tip of the Day
24 September 2021


Always use secured PC in public places

  • Check whether there are any key loggers installed in the system.
  • Scan the system by using anti-virus software to filter viruses, worms, spyware, and malware etc,.
  • Avoid sensitive information at public places such as Internet centers.

Tip of the week
20 September 2021‐26 September 2021


Share the latest important security tips with your Colleagues/ Friends

  • Share the latest cyber security tips you know with your IT managers, colleagues, friends, and family members to let them be more aware of cyber-attacks Shareyour knowledge of e-mail security and web security tips.
  • Try to educate them about how to use passwords for different accounts.

Tip of the month
September 2021


Read the license agreement carefully before installing the software onto your system

  • Prevention is the key to protect your computer and data from malicious software.
  • Read the License Agreement before installing any Software/Application.
  • Install it from a trusted source