Tip of the Day
20 May 2022


Running a virus scan before launching any program on the disk will prevent virus from entering your computer

Whenever you launch a new software CD/DVD, always scan before doing so

Tip of the week
16 May 2022‐22 May 2022


Pick a passphrase for a strong password

  • A strong password makes it difficult for someone to guess your password either thru’ human guessing or through automated password cracking programs
  • A strong password must be at least 8 characters in length Use upper case and lowercase, and alphabetic characters (eg A-Z, a-z) Use at least one numerical character (eg 0-9) and at least one special character (eg ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * () - _ + =)

Tip of the month
May 2022


Always use the latest updated browsers for your Online transactions

  • Make sure your browser has updated patches before going for Online transactions
  • Donot close the browser directly after your Online transactions
  • Do not use your browser for Internet transactions if you are not sure whether it is secure or not Use the 'Automated Update' feature of your operating system