Tip of the Day
14 August 2020


Do not keep sensitive information on portable devices unless they are properly protected

  • Always store your sensitive data in an encrypted format.
  • Make sure that your data is always password protected.
  • Lock up your portable equipment and sensitive materials.
  • Don’t leave sensitive information lying around be it on printers, or fax machines,or copiers

Tip of the week
10 August 2020‐16 August 2020


Verify and validate your critical data at regular intervals

  • Test your data and update it at regular intervals Use options for automatic backup of your critical data to a local disk.
  • Verify if you have entered the data into the correct fields in the database table This verification requires opening and inspecting datasets at the table level Validate your most critical security weakness at regular intervals Test your network and endpoint security.

Tip of the month
August 2020


Avoid providing others information without their consent while you are in chatting

  • Children love to use the chat rooms, they should be aware that people in chat rooms are strangers and may not be honest guys.
  • The privacy policy may not protect information which you disclose via a chat.
  • Never say anything in a chat about your personal information such as your name, home address, and school address, etc.