Tip of the Day
28 January 2020


Never download files through CHAT sessions from unknown persons

  • The files shared during chat session may contain harmful virus that may damage your hard disk
  • So, unless you know, the sender and know the contents of the file,avoid downloading them Also, confirm from the sender whether he sent a valid file

Tip of the week
27 January 2020‐02 February 2020


Respect others and never misbehave over Internet Communication RESPECT

Internet is the place where a communication happens wihout face to face interaction, and thus its difficult to judge the other persona Communicate politely and use decent language with due respect to the receiver

Tip of the month
January 2020


Respect the privacy of others, just as you expect the same from them

  • The respect of privacy of an individual is important at any place and more so in an Internet centre, office etc This may extend to the normal use of the computers to participate in surfing the Internet How would you react if someone interfered with yours? Each of us has a reasonable right to privacy on Internet and we should respect the same as we expect from them