Tip of the Day
29 March 2020


Never reply to lottery e-mails

  • Most of us might have received e-mail like you won lotteryIf you get such e-mails without your intervention, then they are all scam They try to send such e-mails to collect your personal informaionSo always ignore them

Tip of the week
23 March 2020‐29 March 2020


Be aware of personal information when you post in global address groups

Be careful when you are posting your personal information in global address groups Because phishing attacks can be done by hacker using this information Your creditcard, debitcard and all electronic cards can be cloned using these personnel information So prior to your filling any personnel information,verify that the request for information is genuine Otherwise you may a pay big price for not doing so

Tip of the month
March 2020


Shred unwanted important information immediately

Shred or secure all documents in a safe place that contain important personal information, such as bank statements, credit card statements, pre-approved credit card offers and pay stubs