1. In a recent email campaign to compromise computers, it was observed that an email containing link to download CDR analysis software form' hltp://www.purpleradiance con/Downloads/New'CDR And-Cell l D 91 -DaysDemo-2019.Ra1' was sent to Police officers from the email ld. purplecdrsoftware1@gmail.com'However the URL to download the software is taken to another link download malicious script from web site https://jmp.sh/hh94cGd.
  2. It is suggested that the above mentioned website with malicious link should not be clicked to download the CDR Analysis software. ln case, by mistake, if any such dubious software has been downloaded and opened, the computer should be immediately disconnected from internet. Users may be advised to taker mediate steps to sequester, cleanse and secure the computer. Users accessing Internet through such malware infected computer may be advised to immediately change all internet services account passwords using some other secure
  3. Internet users may be advised to follow the basic e-mail security practices mentioned below:
  • Not to open/reply to any suspicious mail.
  • Not to click any hyperlinks/web links/URLs mentioned in the body of such mails if it is leading to another website rather than displayed website.
  • Scan mail attachments before downloading / opening
  • Not to enable VBS l\, 4acro when asked for while opening Microsoft documents (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx and mdb/mdbx), by default, Microsoft products come with VBS Macro disable.
  • Periodically check email last log-in activity for any unauthorized access. Change passwords of all online accounts (emails and others) from another secure computer, if any suspicious activities like email access from foreign addresses, etc. are noticed.
  1. Suspicious emails may be forwarded to the email ld. pratirodhak@gov.in for analysis for malicious activities.
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