Online shopping — the glorious invention which allows people to buy things from the comfort of their homes. No more travelling to multiple stores to find the right product; no more having to deal with over-enthusiastic sales persons; no more standing in long lines at the checkout counter. The e-commerce boom has certainly changed the way we shop for the better. But, like everything else, the world of online shopping is not all roses. Despite all the efforts of e-commerce companies to alleviate them, there are a few problems that customers still have to face while shopping online

Let’s look into few ways that cyber criminals may target women

Expensive branded products at low cost:

In social networking sites very often we get advertisements showing expensive branded products at unbelievable prices. This catches attention of customer’s most likely women and they may end up paying money for those products which are not genuine. For example branded bags, clothes, costly phone and beauty products.

Natural remedies for weight loss :

Most often in our social networking and Instant messaging Applications we get messages giving tips on weight loss and for further inputs they request for payment to purchase their product. Women who are desperate to weight loss get trapped by these messages. They end up paying money for fake products.

Expensive Jewelry:

Cyber-criminals may spoof certain online jewelry websites and give exciting discounted offers for jewelry products targeting women customer. They purchase products online with certain value but end up receiving some other products of lesser value. And they feel cheated and when they raise complaint to the original website they just deny that purchase happened through their website. This may lead to loss of your money?

Risks in online shopping

A few questions you need to check before you start online shopping

Brand - is the e commerce site genuine?

Security - Is your credit card safe? 

Privacy - Is your information being sold?

Shipping - Are you getting the correct product at the requested time?

Tips for safe online shopping

  • Keep computer OS updated:

Make sure your PC is secured with an antivirus, anti spyware, firewall, system updated with all patches and web browser security with the trusted sites and security level at high.
  • Shop only through trusted sites:

Research about the web site that you want to buy things from, since attackers try to trap with websites that appear to be legitimate, but they are not. So make a note of the telephone number’s physical address of the vendor and confirm that the website is a trusted site. Search for different web sites and compare the prices. Check the reviews of consumers and media of that particular web site or merchants.
  • Check the security aspects of the website:

If you are ready to buy something online check whether the site is secure with https or padlock on the browser address bar or at the status bar and then proceed with financial transactions.
  • Keep track of your digital payments:

Immediately check the credit card statements as soon as you finish and get them to know about the charges you paid were same; and if you find any changes immediately report to concerned authorities.
  • Don’t save the card details or bank details on websites:

Do not store the card no either debit or credit on the shopping websites.After finishing your online shopping clear all the web browser cookies and turn off your PC since spammers and phishers will be looking for the system connected to the internet and try to send spam emails and try to install the malicious software that may collect your personal information.
  • Never respond to email which asks about your purchases:

Beware of the emails like “please confirm of your payment, purchase and account detail for the product.” Remember legitimate business people never send such emails. If you receive such emails immediately call the merchant and inform the same.
  • Change passwords frequently:

Dont use a single passwordfor along time, change your 
Email id, bank account, credit-debit card passwords frequently.
  • Different passwords for different websites:

If hackers crack your one password they may crack all others if you are using same or similar password for all. So use different t password for all websites. However it is more complex to remember all passwords but it will add the 
Safety layer too.
  • Use Secured Networks:

Always use secured internet connection. Public Wi-Fi spots are 
Vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Don’t clink on links offering discounts/ prizes:

Cyber criminals sent messages in featuring great discounts in popular e commerce websites. It is always better to check in the original website for offers rather than clicking on links received in WhatsApp groups or from unknown numbers. 
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