Suppose if you receive e-mail with a subject line you won lottery of $100000 , then THINK how fortunate you are to receive such money awards...... Have you ever participated in any lottery ? Have you subscribed your e-mail address in any Lottery scheme? NO, in fact there are no such lottery schemes available. What do one get in giving you a huge some of prize money with out your participation? You need to consider it as a fake e-mail or hoax e-mail which is trying to trap you to get your personal information which can be your name, account information through that email.

So, its time to think and trace out who have sent such e-mail and if possible to take necessary actions.

Lets learn how to trace e-Mails

Here's an example of an email from a bank

In this case, the subject line is - "Account Security" ,  and since we trust our Bank , assuming that there could me some information on security we would be interested to check the mail details.

To our surprise we find that the mail is asking us to updating account /card information / enter pin numbers / resetting PIN number /  change online banking password or so. Then on please be cautious,  because none of the bank will send you the e-mail to update your account , passwords etc,  so check the following details to trace out.

Firstly check whether you are the member of the particular Bank.

  •  YES/NO [ if YES , proceed to second point, if NO, its a fake mail, ignore and delete the mail]

Next check the FROM address

  • Check from whom the email is sent , is it from a particular bank then proceed further by confirming it from concern authority .If NO ,its a fake email

To whom the email is addressing

  • Check the whether the e-mail is sent on your name which is similar to your account if YES proceed further.
  • If they dont mention your name you might think the e-mail is sent to many customers at a time you can be right ,in such case check for the closing address of email like email was sent from concern authority of a particular bank, If you dont find any information then the email can be fake.

Is email contains any link

  • Cross check the link  by typing it in the web browser.

(Note: Directly don’t click on the link received in e-Mail).

After doing all the above and if you find the email is fake and want to trace from where the email is received, take the help of the tool, email Tracer with which you can get much more information about the origin of the email.

E-mail Tracer

E-mail tracer is a tool used to track email senders identity and shows the complete details of email like from which place the email has been generated, which IP address and which country. It analyzes the email header and gives the information.

E-mail Header

e-mail header shows the complete details of email where you can see the full details like from where the email is sent, when it was sent and many more.

How you can trace e-Mail?

Step 1: open an e-mail click on the view full headers or view full details option of e-mails there you can find the complete headers of the email.
step2:  As mentioned above the header specifies the details of IP address, domain name , time of the email generated etc.
step3: copy the email header and paste in the following link EmailTracer and click on the option start tracing , it will start tracing and let you know the complete details of your email.
Step4: You can also trace the email with the following link and click on the Trace Email sender.

After tracing the email you can also view the geographic view based on IP address.


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