When several computers are interconnected, but no computer occupies a privileged position, the network is usually referred to as a peer-to-peer network. In this type of network, every computer can communicate with all the other machines on the network, but in general each one stores its own files and runs its own applications. With a client-server network, one or more servers will perform critical functions on behalf of the other machines (the clients) on the network. These functions might include user authentication, data storage, and the running of large, shared, resource-intensive applications such as databases and client relationship management (CRM) software. Typically, both peer-to-peer and client-server networks rely on a shared Internet connection for access to external resources of these basic network structures.

The advantages of peer to peer network are as follows:

  • The main advantage of peer to peer network is that it is easier to set up
  • In peer-to-peer networks all nodes are act as server as well as client therefore no need of dedicated server.
  • The peer to peer network is less expensive.
  • Peer to peer network is easier to set up and use this means that you can spend less time in the configuration and implementation of peer to peer network.
  • It is not require for the peer to peer network to use the dedicated server computer. Any computer on the network can function as both a network server and a user workstation.

The disadvantages of peer to peer network

  • A computer can be accessed anytime.
  • Network security has to be applied to each computer separately.
  • Backup has to be performed on each computer separately.
  • No centralized server is available to manage and control the access of data.
  • Users have to use separate passwords on each computer in the network.
  • As with most network systems, unsecure and unsigned codes may allow remote access to files on a victim's computer or even compromise the entire network

The most dangerous being:

  • Virus, Trojan, Worm, Keylogger program attachments.
  • IP signature tattlers

Torrents have become an increasingly popular way to download files. No matter what you are looking for, from audio to video to applications, torrents are an easy way to find and download. However, most torrents are illegal and nature and you are breaking the law by downloading them.

Peer-to-peer file sharing pretty much began with torrents. They are a type of file sharing protocol specializing in larger file downloads. The way torrents are encoded make it easier to download a large file, and even reputable resources are beginning to use them to make downloading files easier for users.
Torrent downloads are basically downloading from multiple personal computer systems, simultaneously, and combining data at the end to form the file you were looking for. Problem is, that it's WAY too easy to attach things to these files, and they just get swept into this whirlwind of information, broken apart and can easily invade your system after they're reconstructed INSIDE YOUR COMPUTER, behind your firewall. After that it's just whether or not you have a good virus scanner that can detect it.
IP tattlers are a pain too, in that once you download something and activate it for the first time, it sends information to the watcher program containing the IP address of the computer you were using and where it was downloaded from. These watchers are paid by software development companies to bust people downloading non-free-to-play software.

So how to avoid these risks ??

You need to follow the three simple steps as given below

3 things you should always do before opening ANYTHING you download from torrent:

1) Download from a remote source. Like a cyber cafe or another free wifi zone. Watchers can't find you if you download remotely, it will only send information of the place you downloaded from.
2) Download the file to a safe area of your computer, something not highly active, or into a quarantine file monitored by your antivirus program.
3) Wait 48hrs before opening any program you download from torrent, and run antivirus software scans on it before you do. Most viruses are discovered within the first 48hrs of it's release, and you need to wait till your antivirus program receives definition updates, so that you can combat it before it attacks you. Better to let it happen to someone else first.

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