Teachers are very important in any society and play a great role in creating good citizens and build the nation. Teachers are good source of inspiration to students and encourage to foster love for learning in their students. They act as the advisers to parents and also serve as guardians of the child's interests.

A teacher should consider it his/her duty to educate and train his/her students and should feel responsible for it. He/She should feel that his/her students have been entrusted to him/his and he/she should avoid any breach of the trust the society has reposed in him/her. He/She should be a sociable person with his/her roots in the society.

A teacher should be aware of the internet and its advantages and disadvantages. Creating cyber security awareness is very much required for a teacher to impart the knowledge about pros and cons of internet usage and safety tips for online presence. In turn the teacher should be aware of the cyber threats and how to safe guard himself/herself and disseminate the knowledge to all students and parents.

Cyber Awareness on this page are aimed at assisting teachers to understand and teach some of the issues about information security, cyber safety, cyber bullying and the guidelines to be safe online.

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