Since ages, women were taught how to be safe and how to maintain privacies. They were made aware about identifying positive and negative of the opposite person to protect themselves. With these practices, women grew stronger and became independent. In today’s generation women are leading as entrepreneurs –creating jobs for others, as home makers-keeping the family safe, as Bank Managers-managing people and resources and also in other leading roles.

Though this is current situation in this modern world, women are still found to be victim in many cases and are bearing pain and loss in both personal and official lives.

An age old practice is still continuing today in the form of harassment, blackmailing etc.. Today’s cyber world or virtual world have open up new ways to reach out women and attack them. The use of cyber space and its attendant anonymity continue to influence negatively the social and cultural aspects of society.

While there are many security tools and spaces available where women can enjoy the benefits of the cyber world, lack of awareness on how to use things safely and securely is making women more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than men.

In cyber world women are subjected to harassment via email, morphing, cyber defamation, social networking, hacking, cyber-stalking, cyber pornography, cyber flirting and cyber bullying.

Some awareness best practices and tips can help women to be safe from these cyber-attacks and protect them and their families.

As part of this project, Information Security Education and Awareness, we are trying to spread this awareness to women and help them to follow the best practices in using internet, smart phones and various other new cyber technologies through which attacks are most likely to happen.

  • Do you have email account?
  • Do you have social networking account?
  • Do you use smart phone?
  • Do you have smart washing machine or smart refrigerator?
  • Do you buy groceries online?
  • Do you buy items online?
  • Do you use WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber?

If answer to any of the above questions is yes from you, then please proceed reading the following articles. They are just for you.

The following are few simple and quick tips for women in the cyber world

  • Beware of fake profiles
  • Maintain your privacy online
  • Check your account settings regularly
  • Don’t let others peep into your accounts
  • Avoid participating with unknown members in chat rooms.

This section of the website, helps you to safegaurd yourself while using internet and cyber world.

Refer Cyber Laws for Women section to understand on how to deal with critical cyber issues and related laws.

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