like ( KaunBanegaCrorepathi, Airtel Lottery, Tata Docomo Lottery, Star Sportslottery,/Airtel/ICC Cup Lottery, BBC/Hero Honda/Star Lottery / Star Cricket lottery/Sports/Chevrolet Motors etc.,)

  • In the lottery emails/SMS the culprit sends e-mail or calls the victim or sends SMSs to public stating that the cell phone numbers of the individuals has won lottery in lakhs and furnishes an e-mail id and asks the individuals to furnish all details through e-mail and informs the individuals that he should not reveal the matter to anyone.
  • Victim thinks that he won big amount through lottery and furnishes all the details through e-mail.
  • The fraudster sends a scanned copy of forged cheque/certificate on the victim name as it is ready for dispatch. The culprit again in forms the individual to deposit certain amount as registration fee by furnishing a fake bank account number.
  • Victim believes and deposits money in different bank accounts as asked by culprit & victim may sometimes deposit more than lakhs in different amount numbers.
  • Later after losing large amount of money the individual realize that he has been cheated on the name of lottery on different names Kaun Banega Crorepathi, Airtel Lottery, Tata Docomo Lottery, ICC Lottery, Star Sports lottery etc.,

Lottery scam

Sometimes you receive an email like “you won a lottery of million dollars” receiving such a kind of mails is a great thing, and really it’s a happiest thing. By responding to such a kind of mails huge amount of money will be lost. Because these e-Mails are not true, scammers try to fool and trap you to obtain money

Email Scam Like -Congratulations you have won Webcam, Digital Camera, etc.

Sometimes you get an e-mail with a message like - you have won something special like digital camera web cam , all you need to do is just visit our web site by clicking the link given below and provide your debit or credit card details to cover shipping and managing costs. However the item never arrives but after some days the charges will be shown on your bank account , and you will lose money.


  • Never respond to e-mail or SMS on mobile from strangers regarding online lottery or bumper festival bonanza.
  • Don't deposit any money in unknown accounts without proper confirmation.
  • The winning lottery amount is a fraud committed with convenience of a bank account holder who is paid commission and has no link with fraudster.
  • Don’t get trapped by scammers and e-Mails with a subject line you won some $10000 just think why only you received the email without your participation.
  • Be aware about the products you get for a discounted price. Think why you received email for products when you never enter any online shopping or contest.
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