Fake messages about government subsidy/scheme

Are you receiving messages with links about lucrative government subsidies, schemes, grants, cash offers etc.???

Digital users ‘Beware’, fake links and messages are being spread across instant messaging apps and social media platforms by fraudsters. These messages are sent on the pretext of subsidies/schemes/grants/offers by government to lure people into clicking on fake links. The fraudsters aim to siphon money, hack your accounts/passwords, install malicious software making people victim of cyber-attacks through such fake links/messages.

Modus Operandi

  • User receives messages / links/ posts about government subsidies/cash offers etc.,
  • User is prompted to click on the link or participate in survey or register.
  • Redirects the user to malicious sites
  • Leads to data leak, malware/virus attacks

Warning Sings - Few pointers to spot the scam

  • Tweaked website / URL/ Links
  • Impersonalized / generic message/mail
  • Requesting for unrelated personal details
  • Can sound too good to be true.


  • Never believe such posts, messages, mails regarding the government subsidies/ cash offers etc., with links to register, these are usually used as bait by cyber fraudsters.
  • Always ensure to verify the information by visiting the official government website, for any authorized notification.
  • Do not forward fake messages, links and mails to people without proper verification.
  • Never click on unknown links or download unauthorized apps or software on your digital devices as it can install malicious software on your device.
  • Never share your personal details or financial information like login credentials/passwords/credit or debit card details.
  • Install anti-virus on your digital devices for security and protection.
  • Immediately block the number and report against such fake offers.
  • Be aware and alert about such attempts of cyber criminals by keeping track of the latest news.
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