• Many of the students apply online for jobs. The accused collect the details posted in the websites and send fake e-mails.
  • The e-mail looks like a mail from genuine companies through fake mailer sites and also conducts interviews.
  • The victim receives a fake job offer letter. In return this fraudster asks for huge amount before and after receiving the offer letter.
  • Stranger may send the offer letter using fake mailer service and make spoofing call in the name of MNC and send the offer letters and get the amounts deposited in the various places/Bank accounts and immediately withdraw the amounts and they may cheat you.


  • Don't respond to spam mails without verification of the e-mail origin.
  • Don't deposit money unless the candidate is interviewed personally by the company.
  • Don't try to get job through back door methods by paying money which promises to provide employment, which will cheat you.
  • Check with original company website for any job offers before proceeding.
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