• Be careful about the information you put online , like if you put your photo or video or your account details will stay for a long time and who ever connected will see it. sometimes attackers may morph your photo and may misuse them.
  • Generally, business people will see as part of hiring process to know about everyone views and interests. However bad people over internet  will use these sites to collect the personal information and may misuse them.
  • Remember don’t put anything personal like sensitive information about your family details, addresses, personal photographs they might be misused.
  • Most of the sites and services provide options for privacy settings and use them to prevent attackers to view your information.
  • You can also set the privacy settings according to whom you want to allow seeing your information.
  •  If you want to meet a social networking friends in person,  Think before you meet, it may not be true identity posted on a web site. If you are going to meet then inform to your parents and do it in a public place during the day.
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